Our foundation was at a critical stage of growth and Endowment Development’s guidance through a strategic plan helped us to prepare for exponential growth and new community leadership challenges and opportunities.

Kevin Murphy,
Reading, Pennsylvania


Endowment Development Institute, LLC (EDI) is a global leader in the development, revitalization and management of charitable organizations. EDI provides solutions for all your philanthropy needs:

  • Assessment Services
  • Customized Programs for All Levels of Development
  • Multi-Dimensional Help
  • Workshops

Our consultants are highly respected specialists in the nonprofit world. Our strategies are both practical and proven. We specialize in community foundations, financial institutions, and private foundations and all nonprofits that are interested in getting started in planned giving programs and building endowments. We work with board members, volunteers, and businesses to build collaboration and success.

Our team works with you to develop and understand your needs and issues. We provide the expertise needed to examine and define the best solutions for the future of your charitable organization, and then we train your organization how to be successful. Most importantly, we stick with your organization to make sure you stay on track. We are your personal trainers for success! EDC provides:

  • Expertise: EDI is a leading specialist in the development and management of charitable organizations throughout the United States
  • Demonstrated Growth: EDI has modeled several statewide initiatives with significant private foundation funding to raise over $1.5 billion in new philanthropic assets
  • Experience: EDI’s knowledge base consists of over 50 years of combined hands-on management, planning, and training experience for philanthropic organizations
  • Success: EDI has successfully served over 200 nonprofit organizations in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Poland

From the first small group or individual with a dream, to the most advanced work on investments, strategic planning, or planned giving, our consultants support every stage of development.

For more information or questions, please call us at (760) 631-7200.