Consulting – Financial Institutions

Endowment Development Institute is an expert at helping financial institutions understand and work with and develop the multi-billion dollar nonprofit market. Our services for financial institutions include:

  • Training for financial professionals. Nonprofit organizations have a very different culture than for-profit organizations. To gain their business, you must first understand their business and culture. We have developed an excellent training program for financial professionals from our extensive experience in working with the largest companies in the country.
  • Nonprofit management public seminars. Teach current nonprofit clients or prospective clients how to better manage their organization. Seminar topics include: planned giving, financial management, marketing , volunteer management, board development and much more!
  • Endowment building public workshops. This series of workshops will teach your current or prospective nonprofit clients how to build and manage endowments.
  • Community foundation sponsorships. Community foundations are an ideal vehicle for both community involvement and strategic asset growth. They are the cutting edge of today’s philanthropy because they allow donors to give to a local foundation, with a local board. They also provide a way for even the smallest financial donor to make a lasting difference in the communities they love, while allowing like-minded investors to pool their resources-creating a greater financial impact than they could alone. There are hundreds of communities, across the nation, that are ideal locations for a new community foundation.


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