Consulting – Private Foundations

Endowment Development Institute is a global leader in partnering with private foundations to enrich their grant making services. Our services for private foundations include:

  • Nonprofit management public seminars. Teach your grantees how to better manage their organization. Seminar topics include: fundraising, planned giving, financial management, marketing, volunteer management, board development and much more!
  • Endowment building public workshops. This series of workshops will teach your grantees how to make the most out of your investment by building and managing endowments for their organization. EDI offers several choices of workshops in endowment building and development for nonprofit organizations. In addition, on-site and on-call support is available for post-workshop support.
  • Community foundation sponsorships. Community foundations are an ideal vehicle for private foundations to strengthen a community.  They can be partners in your program areas of common interest and deliver great scale for your initiatives through a close partnership with your foundation. Community foundations are the cutting edge of today’s philanthropy because they allow donors to give to a local foundation with a local board where the donors are assured that their giving goes directly to the community the love in the way that they direct it. They provide a way for even the smallest financial donor to make a lasting difference in the communities they love, while allowing like-minded investors to pool their resources creating a greater financial impact than they could alone. There are hundreds of communities across the nation that are in need of a community foundation!


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